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Keisari Finest Organic Matcha 30g

Finest Organic Matcha 30g

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Keisari Finest Organic Matcha is our flagship product. It is handpicked from the best selection of certified organic matcha tea leaves from the first spring harvest in Japan. The tea leaves are stoneground to ensure a smooth and rich flavour profile, balanced with a delicate sweetness and aroma. 

Keisari Finest Organic Matcha is ceremonial quality, which often describes higher grades of matcha for use in a traditional Japanese tea ceremony. It has a delicate but crisp smell, with a smooth velvety taste, making it perfect for the ultimate cup of matcha tea.

Keisari Finest Organic Matcha 30g is packaged in a BPA-free tin.

Whisk your matcha with our bamboo matcha whisk to create a smooth and finely aerated matcha.

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