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Our Story

There’s so much to love about matcha—our vision is to share its amazing green benefits far and wide.

Keisari: noun, derived from a Nordic word keisar, meaning emperor - as matcha tea was traditionally enjoyed by the nobility and monks.

While there are many traditions associated with matcha, Keisari is about bringing matcha into the every day.

We’re strong believers that matcha can easily be part of a balanced lifestyle. Keisari matcha is nutritious, delicious and vegan friendly.

When we started Keisari, we knew from the outset that we wanted to provide quality products that we would be proud to share with anyone. We tested various brands of matcha available in Australia, and compared this with a range of matcha that we sourced from suppliers around Japan. 

For us, an every day matcha needed to have vibrant colour, appealing aroma and most importantly - great taste. We also wanted certainty about how our products were farmed and processed to ensure value for our customers.

We decided to partner with a supplier in Kagoshima that produces Japanese certified organic matcha. Unlike some other matchas in the marketplace, Keisari matcha isn't blended with other green tea powders, soluble corn fibres or bulked up with sugar, cheaper spices or flavours.

Whether it's our Organic Matcha, Premium Organic Matcha or Finest Organic Matcha - it is 100 per cent stone milled certified organic matcha from Japan.

If you're just starting out with matcha, we'd love to hear your thoughts. If you're one of our returning customers, thank you again for your support.

Enid and Tung