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Caring for your matcha accessories

Cleaning and storing your matcha accessories correctly will help keep them looking beautiful and working well.

Bamboo matcha whisks

Our handcrafted bamboo matcha whisks are an essential tool for preparing matcha. It helps to create a foamy, creamy texture – an essential feature of a delicious matcha tea or latte.

The uniquely shaped fine prongs will help you make a lovely light drink and reduce the amount of matcha settling on the bottom of your cup. As you whisk matcha with water, the whisk separates the matcha evenly which catches onto all the bubbles to suspend itself throughout your drink.  

This effect cannot be achieved simply by stirring matcha in water with a spoon, or by using metal whisks, which are generally too heavy and not suitably shaped.

Our 100 prong matcha bamboo whisks and long stemmed bamboo whisks are a delicate accessory so we recommend storing them in a dry, cool place as direct sunlight and heat can cause the whisks to become brittle and crack.

The twisted knot in the centre of the whisk will unravel after your first use. We suggest giving your whisk a light rinse with water before using. When whisking, be mindful of applying excessive pressure on the whisk to the bowl as this can damage the prongs.

Ensure you clean your whisk well with water after every use. Whisking in a bowl of warm water can help loosen residual matcha particles left on the whisk. Shake off any excess water and dry your whisk on our porcelain whisk stand to ensure the prongs maintain their shape.

If your whisk isn’t cleaned or dried properly, mould may develop. If you notice any dark spots, it’s time to get a new whisk.

Porcelain whisk stand

Our porcelain whisk stand holds your bamboo matcha whisk while it's drying to help keep it's delicate shape. It's specially created to separate the inner and outer layers of the whisk, with a hole at the bottom to ensure the water can run dry from the prongs in centre.

Bamboo matcha scoop

Measuring a serve of our matcha for your tea couldn’t be easier. By pairing your matcha with our handmade natural bamboo scoop, you can say goodbye to flyaway and static that comes from plastic or silicone teaspoons.

The smooth long handle of our scoop reaches nicely into our tins and organic matcha bag, and it’s elegantly crafted with the perfect width and ideal angle to balance matcha. One scoop for a tea or two for your latte is all you need.

Rinse your bamboo scoop with water after use and dry well.

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